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EY, so I'm making a game.

2010-10-24 17:27:51 by nsb411

SO, I'll post screenshots and stuff when I'm in production.

I'll also be Livestreaming My work when I get to it.

To keep up with my livestream, make sure to follow me on Twitter

If you haven't already, you can check out the soundtrack I've started, all the audio is on this profile.

At the moment the game is called CRICKET and it will be a basic platformer, hopefully scrolling if I can figure it out. If you know how to make a scrolling game I'd appreciate some feedback, OR help me CODE !? !??!?!!

making flash, about war

2010-07-18 05:00:15 by nsb411

need time.


2010-04-18 22:10:48 by nsb411

HOLY POOP. I am itch'n for a flash'n but i don't exactly know what I'm going to do so I hope it all turns out okay. wish me luckk



2009-09-16 19:34:13 by nsb411

It does.. so go check IT out.


Let's take a break from that

2009-08-19 17:42:06 by nsb411

Making something that looks like an Awesome flick is hard so I'm going to take a break and do some of the other things that I wanted to do. Now that I have a mic it's going to be a lot easier to make random flashes that are decent and upload 'em here. Sounds like a plan, THUNDERCATS HO!

And I'm out. (frosted sprinkled animal cookies)

Let's take a break from that

Amazon RAWKS

2009-08-12 16:21:22 by nsb411

Mic'll be here in 2 freakin' days and I didn't have to spend any of my precious moneyz! Hellz yes for nice relatives!

Mic troubles, procrastination and no will to leave my house except for work or exercise. I need to get to a Best Buy! Cause it's best..and buy and you buy the best at..forget it I could always go to Fries.

Cocks and Dicks Man's Automobile?


CADMAN!!! FFFFFFFFFfffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Yup Feel like an easter egg

2009-08-10 01:00:03 by nsb411

Now to continue the project and I am probably going to have to effing buy a mic. :O

Easter Egg in Awesomes Row?

2009-07-26 14:35:06 by nsb411

There quite possibly could be one. At the moment I only have 5 minutes until I have to get the hell out of my house and to work so I'll make it quick.

I kind of know how to make an easter egg and if all else fails I can always use google, but at the moment I wouldn't know what to put in the easter egg, a blooper? another joke? words fail me at the moment

So here's the final screenshot I'll give you before post-production.

Easter Egg in Awesomes Row?

Awesomes Row Script Completed

2009-07-25 13:29:05 by nsb411

Achievement Unlocked. Bleep Bloop. I'll probably go get a mic sometime this week and then I'll start on the voice and animation after my 2 solid days of (paid) work starting now.

Awesomes Row Script Completed